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Customer Reviews

The more we grow, the more we need a means of efficiently and effectively planning, tracking and analysing our promotion activity. Cresicor offers a strong toolset that streamlines the process, helps us stretch every dollar as far as it will go, and gives us the firm control we need over trade spend.
Lucy T.
Director of Finance
Simple Mills
Cresicor provided us the ability to scan 100+ pages of larger retailer scan and coupon bill backs and quickly built out the ability of scanning a completely new back-up source we had trouble with. With its quick turn around time on implementation and development, we are now able to much more easily reconcile our top retailers’ trade spend.
Yannah D.
Sales Deduction Coordinator
Choosing Cresicor was a no-brainer. They have trade management for brands like us down to a science. Cresicor offers a strong toolset to streamline the trade process, ensuring that we are maximising every dollar spent.
Chris T.
VP of Sales
Before Cresicor, we were using an Excel based system that was hard to consistently update and didn’t have an easy way to reconcile vs. actual chargebacks received. Cresicor ensures accountability and thorough reconciliation of all trade activities, which makes our accounting for trade spend much more accurate. Our investors are big proponents of Cresicor and now so are we.
Geoffrey H.
Owner and CFO
Cresicor has completely re-shaped how we organize, track, and understand trade spend. We needed a tool that could take our business to the next level, and Cresicor has delivered. Knowing key retailer trade rates and understanding volume accuracy have been key components for making us a better business. We have become more efficient with our time and more knowledgeable about how to best execute our trade budget, giving us a competitive advantage in the industry.
Rich C.
Former VP of Sales
Perfect Snacks
Cresicor has allowed Lily’s to efficiently create and track promotion activity with direct and indirect accounts. Not only do we have better visibility to retailer level trade rates, we are able to tighten our accrual expense based on historical views of promotional activity. Cresicor has provided us the internal controls we were missing which are permission structure and contract compliance. Questions? The embedded intercom app provides comfort to those in our organization that aren’t tech-savvy individuals.
Matt S.
Director of BI
Cresicor streamlined our entire trade management system - from organizing promo submission forms and trade forecasting to tracking promotional dollars spent against each promotion. It gave both our sales and finance teams the tools too effectively track, forecast, and actualize our spend.
Francesca S.
VP of Finance
Cresicor gets trade spend. Their software and industry knowledge brought our team very quickly to a much more detailed, intuitive, and insightful place. I cannot be happier and am very excited for us to use Cresicor going into 2021.
Frank B.
I was very hesitant about implementing a new system and process; however, with Cresicor’s easy-to-use platform and exceptional customer service the platform makes processing deductions less labor intensive and helps us understand the full impact of our trade spend.
Carmen D.
Uncle Matt’s Organic
The Cresicor software is intuitive and they provide exceptional support. Their team and system is helping our business manage trade with greater intention and accuracy.
Karen H.
National Sales Director
Wild Planet
Cresicor is a home run, there is no way to stay on top of trade without them and they are a critical piece of our 2021 and 2022 growth goals.
Josh R.
VP of Sales
Cresicor’s Deductions Scanning Module has provided needed visibility and has addressed issues of data inaccuracy.
Matt S.
Trade Promotions Specialist