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Explore our three tiered plans and find the one best suited for you.


Best for small CPG companies looking to improve trade organization.

Starting at
$1,500 / month

Intuitive, modern design that is your one-stop shop for all trade related information.

Easy-to-use interfaces and functions that help speed up the arduous process of trade management.

Stores pertinent information for a successful audit.

Flexible architecture that is customized to your brand for smooth implementation.

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Best for CPG companies looking to improve understanding, tracking, and reconciling deduction actuals for a more accurate trade process.

Starting at
$4,500 / month

Multiple interfaces to increase speed and efficiency.

Upload revenue and deductions to track, visualize, and better understand state of business.

Visualize inflow of revenue and deductions by first receiver, retailer, and promotion to better understand movement of trade expenses.

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Best for CPG companies ready to take the next step towards reconciling deductions, making advancements in trade analytics insights, SOP processes, and more.

Starting at
$7,500 / month

Multiple permissions structures for implementing a streamlined operating procedure.

Interface to easily understand historical trade rates at the first receiver and indirect retailer level.

Understand ROI of your promotions, leading to better utilization of trade funds.

Accruals section to streamline management of your trade budget.

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Compare Our Plan Features

Explore our three tiered plans and find the one best suited for you.

Trade Planning
Full workstream management
Multiple interfaces for specialized tasks
Calendar view of promotions
Advanced product search functions
Fully exportable to Microsoft Excel
Interface for multi-submissions & approvals
Promotion Creation
Create multiple promotions at once
Auto-mapped customers to distributors
Linked contacts & brokers to deals
Customizable GL account and product grouping structure
Attach backups, calendars, & contracts to specific promotions
Ledger style comments section for each promotion
Duplicate deals easily
Stack several types of deals into one promotion
Trade Organization Optimization
Product information (UPCs, alternate names, pricing, product group assignments)
Customer mapping (retailer/ distributor organization)
Customizable notification system (deal declined, comments added, etc.). Option for daily emails
Contacts hub for brokers, buyers, account managers, etc.
Two-level permissions structure for users (Viewer, Admin)
Enhanced four-level permissions structure for users (Viewer, Director, Manager, Admin)
Customer assignments (silo each director's view to only accounts they manage)
Promotion approval guardrails (promo over $X must be approved by VP)
Data uploads and insights
Revenue by customer (integrates with any accounting software)
Actuals vs expected compari-sons by promotion
Promotion timing analysis (deductions received vs. deal realized)
Interactive actual vs. expected analytics table
POS data integration (SPINS /IRI/ Nielsen/ retailer specific portals- e.g. WFM, Target, etc.)
Bump chart feature (lift and compliance tracking)
Revenue, spend, and trade rates by customer
Live accruals interface with proposed reversals
ROI Analysis to improve spend efficiency
Deductions Management
Utilize the Deductions Scanning Module to collate complex PDF files with an Excel based output
Ability to search for planned promotions and validate against deductions within ERP
Leverage an internal deduction matcher that automates promotion matching for deductions
Streamline transaction deposits within ERP by utilizing Deductions Reconciliation Module
Store all trade and non-trade expenses within the platform
Store retailer/
distributor invoice back-up directly to the transaction for added trans-parency
Internal controls minimize mistakes and drastically simplifies the audit preparation process through our activity log & more
Flag for internal review or dispute to ensure timely resolution of expenses
Communicate cross depart-mentally within the Deductions Reconciliation Module

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Additional Solutions

Deductions scanning

Available without a tier subscription

Starting at
$750 / month

Flexible and easy to scale, bundled pricing available!

Batch upload large PDFs that convert to spreadsheets with the click of a button.

Increased visibility to retailer and product information for accurate reporting.

Large library provides you access to numerous source templates.


Requires Growth or Scale subscription

Starting at
$3,000 / month

Seamless connection between your sales forecast and promotions planned, all housed in one location.

Utilize POS and ERP data to populate baseline volume and revenue projections by week by item for each customer at both the direct and indirect levels.

Bridge and understand the gap between shipment forecasts and indirect retailer forecasts, all while looping in promotions planned.

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