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Simple Mills Chooses Cresicor for Advanced Trade Management

Stu Kennedy

Cresicor is excited to announce the newest addition of Simple Mills to their trade management platform! Simple Mills is a leading next-generation natural foods company whose portfolio includes the #1 clean-label baking mix, cracker brand and cookie product in the natural channel.

Through an all-encompassing platform, Cresicor simplifies the promotion planning and trade management process with Simple Mills’ organizational preferences included throughout. Streamlining communication, accountability, and efficiency across departments, Cresicor bridges sales and finance, enabling customers like Simple Mills to reduce time spent researching and disputing trade promotion spend and repurpose that time to focus on selling and developing strategy.

“The more we grow, the more we need a means of efficiently and effectively planning, tracking and analyzing our promotion activity,” said Lucy Tong, Simple Mills Director of Finance. “Cresicor offers a strong toolset that streamlines the process, helps us stretch every dollar as far as it will go, and gives us the firm control we need over our trade spend.”

In addition, Simple Mills is utilizing Cresicor’s Deductions Scanning and Matching features. This scans deductions and automatically matches them to trade promotions, automating an otherwise tedious process. Along with the advanced analytics Cresicor provides, Simple Mills is now generating proactive insights in real time to optimize cash flow and increase profitability.

With Cresicor’s expert customer service, in under 3 months, the Simple Mills team has gone through comprehensive training and is now saving over 20 hours a week on otherwise manual processes.

About Simple Mills

Founded in 2012, Simple Mills offers more than 30 baking mixes, crackers, cookies, bars and frostings that are free of gluten, grain, dairy, soy, GMOs, excessive sugar, gums, emulsifiers, and anything artificial. All products are made exclusively with real, whole-food ingredients like nutrient-rich almond flour, unrefined coconut sugar and sprouted seeds that work hard for the body in every bite while delivering taste that regularly earns five-star ratings from customers. For more information, visit www.simplemills.com.

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