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Jovial Foods Chooses Cresicor as its Trade Management Solution

Clay Heinzel-Nelson

Cresicor is excited to announce the newest additions of Jovial Foods, Inc. and its sister brand Bionaturae, (both owned by the fast-growing Euro-USA Trading Co., Inc.) to their trade management platform! Together, Jovial and Bionaturae bring families together with their imported Italian gluten-free pastas, organic tomatoes and beans, as well as their line of ancient einkorn wheat products all made by small artisan producers with techniques handed down from generation to generation.

Jovial Foods chose Cresicor to simplify the promotion planning and trade management process with a custom fit to their organizational preferences. By bridging their sales and finance team through Cresicor, Jovial is saving time and money versus their prior Excel-based process.

“Cresicor gets trade spend”, says Frank Bergin, President of Jovial. ”Their software and industry knowledge brought our team very quickly to a much more detailed, intuitive, and insightful place. I cannot be happier and am very excited for us to use Cresicor going into 2021.”

Jovial is also utilizing Cresicor’s Deductions Scanning and Matching features. The deduction scan + matcher will automatically scan and match deduction reports to trade promotions, automating an otherwise tedious process. Jovial then generates proactive insights to optimize cash flow and increase profitability.

With Cresicor’s expert customer service and best in class implementation, in under six weeks, the Jovial team is now ready to efficiently manage trade with a system and game plan!

About Euro-USA Trading Co, Inc’s brands (Jovial/Bionaturae)

Jovial Foods, Inc. was founded by Carla Bartolucci and her husband Rodolfo in 2010 after discovering that their daughter’s health issues were attributed to a sensitivity to modern wheat and gluten. Jovial creates allergen-friendly, ancient varietal, and artisan-crafted foods that are manufactured in Italy and grown by small-scale farmers, all hand-picked by Carla herself. Additional jovial products such as einkorn flour, gluten-free flour, brown rice pasta, cookies, crackers, beans, and tomatoes can also be found at jovialfoods.com. bionaturæ® was born in 1995 and was quickly embraced by the American consumer as the premier brand of organic foods from Italy. They have remained a family-oriented, privately-owned company, with a heartfelt devotion to quality and tradition.

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