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9 Reasons I Joined Cresicor: The Trade Promotion Management Disruptor

Cara Felleman

Joining the Cresicor family roughly 90 days ago has been an exciting opportunity for me! This is the fourth startup I’ve had the pleasure of working for, and it’s also the earliest stage startup I’ve joined.

Historically I have joined after series A funding rounds- where product market fit was firmly entrenched, processes were mostly in place, and technology was already adopted. I decided it was time for a new challenge where I could help shape the foundation of the company and put it on a path to success.

After spending four years at Resy, now an American Express Company, building and scaling the sales team, I wanted to take those learnings and apply it to a new role. Working in a fast-paced startup is truly music to my ears. I love to be nimble, scrappy, and resourceful; I love to collaborate, empower others, and share the many learnings and mistakes I witnessed at my previous companies. I knew I was ready to take my past startup experiences and apply them to Cresicor alongside our consumer packaged goods (CPG) and high-tech co-founders.

I’ve spent more than seven years of my career focusing on supporting small to midsize businesses- I have always loved to support the underdogs. I loved being in food tech SaaS, but wanted to learn a new industry while remaining true to my passion for food and beverage so the shift to CPG made perfect sense.

Cresicor was the perfect next step for a number of reasons, in no particular order:

  1. I love supporting small to midsize brands that don’t have the resources the giant conglomerates do.
  2. I wanted to go upmarket in annual contract value (ACV), while building a more complex revenue playbook with multiple buyers, champions, personas, and even price points.
  3. One day I hope to be a CEO and founder so joining a seed stage startup and being involved in building out a go-to-market strategy and company culture inspires me.
  4. The unique and expert experience of Nikki and Stu in CPG plus the tech-focused background from Alex and Daniel creates the perfect storm for disruption in the trade performance management space.
  5. As a female sales leader, I feel supported, embraced, and trusted by the founding team. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are important to the entire Cresicor team.
  6. The total addressable market (TAM) in CPG is massive. In the U.S. alone, the retail industry is $5.5 trillion and 15-20% of that is allocated to trade spend. That means Cresicor is addressing one of the biggest needs in the market, and we’re doing it in a simpler, more innovative way than our competitors.
  7. Trade spend is the second largest expense on a company’s profit and loss (or income) statement and is a huge pain point for both sales and finance departments. Our tool empowers cross-functional departments within the brands we serve. Our trade performance management solution is used by many team members and not siloed by one department.
  8. We get to talk to awesome brands everyday! Some brands I already buy, some I know of, and I get to discover new brands to try.
  9. We are replacing spreadsheets like Salesforce did many years ago, how exciting is that?!

I could come up with many more reasons why joining Cresicor was the right choice for me, but check out our career opportunities and see for yourself why joining this trade performance management disruptor should be your next career move.

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