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CPG Experts Solving CPG Challenges

Cresicor™ is transforming Trade Promotion Management from a one-size-fits-all approach to a tailored solution with the brightest minds in the industry.

What We Do

What do the fastest growing and most adored CPG brands have in common? They use Cresicor™ to plan, manage, and analyze their promotion expenses and make sure they don’t wind up overpaying. We have replaced messy and chaotic spreadsheets with a user-friendly, modern solution and support and services the CPG world so desperately needs. With our team’s breadth of industry knowledge, we provide the processes, not just the software, making us the go-to solution for SMB brands as they scale.

Who We Are

Our experienced team has worked for CPG and SaaS brands across every size and stage. We continue to add talent to the Cresicor team from other industries and globally recognized brands to gain new perspectives creating a perfect atmosphere for innovation and creativity.

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Our Investors

After raising $5.6M in our 2021 seed round, Cresicor is proudly backed by some of the top investors in the industry.